Private investment of $194 million from DBV Technologies

DBV Technologies announced that it intends to float its shares on the stock market in the coming days for the stated amount. It is planned to place two types of shares, these are ordinary shares in the amount of more than 28 thousand and pre-financed shares in the amount of more than 32 million units. It is planned to sell the shares at a price of 3 euros per share. Proceeds from the sale should amount to about 194 million dollars together with the costs of a private placement. 

It should be kept in mind that the company’s common stock was not registered in the U.S. under the law, which was adopted in 1933. To close this gap, the company intends to file an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The private placement agents are Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE and SVB Securities LLC. 

Recall that the company is engaged in developments in the field of pharmaceuticals. One of its latest products is the drug Viaskin. The product is based on immunotherapy technology. Viaskin is a therapeutic patch used in cases of acute food allergies in children. At present, the product has successfully passed clinical trials, proving to be 67% effective. This factor significantly influenced the dynamics of the company’s shares on the stock market. 

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